POS & Retail display Installations

ADP have completed a number of commercial and retail installation projects. Installation projects range from 1 to 2 site regional installations to National installations covering many hundreds of sites. Whatever size of installation ADP has the flexibility and expertise to execute your plans to the highest standard. 

What do We Do?

At ADP Distribution we can handle any type of POS and POP siting installations. With years of experience across several sectors,  we can go from one-off flagship stores to strategies that involve large retail installations across several cities, while ensuring a seamless outcome. 

With any client, we ensure that they benefit from a wide range of retail solutions that specifically fit their profile. Regardless of how small or big your project needs are, we will first discuss with you what is most suitable for you. 

The range of POS & Retail Display Installation projects typically undertaken by ADP includes:

  • Retrofit projects
  • 2/3/4 man installations
  • Retail Displays & Installations
  • Carpet display stands
  • Mobile shop units
  • Commercial furniture installation
  • Electrical goods & retail IT installations

Some of our Retail Displays Installations

What Should You Expect from our Installation Services?

  1. Flexible and Tailored Display Installations

We deliver new retail installations across multiple locations while ensuring the quality standards and local regulations are met. We know the importance of having a synergy across all the store design and your business personality and we integrate these elements to deliver an impeccable end result. All of our campaigns are tailored around your own business dynamics and whether you require permanent or temporary displays, we can make sure that is accomplished. 

Our services are also flexible which means that if you require any installations done outside store hours, we can work on a plan to accommodate that. We are also following the latest technologies and digital media in order to bring the latest installations for your project.  



  1. Skilled installation teams

The team behind our POS installations are highly skilled and have years of experience in various types of installations. Our team has been trained in all the technical aspects, with the capability to undertake any type of retail display installations: from works in shopping malls to large superstores, airports and more places that require demanding projects.

  • Maintenance

To get the most out of your POS installations, our team will ensure that everything is in the right place. Whether it’s an existing or new POS/POP installation, our team can assess the places that need improvements and get started right away. Regardless of what you need in terms of installation changes and improvements, our team will ensure these will be taken care of. 


  1. Bespoke POS Displays 

When it comes to finding the best fit for retail displays, every business has its own goals and requirements.  Whether you are looking to enhance your in-store marketing experience or create specific displays with a unique touch, our team can support your project. To ensure that we achieve flawless results, we will take into account elements such as available store space and floor plans, the types and locations of mountings for displays, lighting and electric outlets, just to name a few.  


  1. Updates

When you are preparing for a new campaign, a product launch, product demonstrations or any other marketing objective that requires new or replacement of the old POS/POP displays, we can arrange a schedule so that our team can prepare for your new requirements. 


Specialist Retail display installations

ADP has fully trained commercial and retail installation teams that consist of supervisors and experienced fitters along with full project management teams. This ensures your installation is completed on time and in budget throughout each stage. To discuss your installation requirements or discuss our capabilities in more detail; contact ADP today on 0121 559 6783, or send us an enquiry by completing the form below.

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